The structure of the Office of the Surveyor – General of the Federation consists of six technical departments, two service departments, nine (9) units and six (6) zonal directorates. The directorates include the North West, North Central, North East, South West, South South and South East. All eight departments include:

(a) Six technical departments:-
(i) Geodesy and Special Surveys Department
(ii) Boundaries Department
(iii) Mapping Department
(iv) Cadastral and Legal Survey Department
(vi) Survey Coordination Department
(vii) Planning, Research and Documentation Department

(b) Two service departments:-
(i) Human Resources Management Department
(ii) Finance and Accounts Department

(c) The Units are:-
(i) Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU)
(ii) Legal Unit
(iii) SERVICOM Unit
(iv) Press Unit
(v) Internal Audit Unit
(vi) Stock Verification Unit
(vii) Procurement Unit
(viii) Federal Audit
(viii) Commercial Unit

(d) The six zonal directorates are:
(i) North West
(ii) North Central
(iii) North East
(iv) South West
(v) South South
(vi) South East